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Excavator bucket K150

Design and manufacturing of excavator buckets

Design and manufacturing of excavator buckets! All type of buckets: profile, excavator and bulldozer

K1 bucket before repair

Repair of buckets for excavators

Repair of buckets for excavators, bulldozers, loaders and profile buckets for road construction. Replacing worn blades with new wear-resistant steel, new teeth and amplification.

Broken carrying element of the plow as a result of strike

Repair and manufacture of agricultural machinery

repair and manufacture of agricultural machinery

Plowshares, beaks,chisel etc.


Production of plowshares and knives for agricultural cutters, wear-resistant steel HARDOX.


Metal parts

Details of thick steel sheet with irregular geometry of the internal opening.

Mechanically processed parts

Mechanical processed details

Mechanical processed details, turning, milling

Metal constructions

Metal constructions

Production of metal structures of any type in plan and project architect.

Anchor devices

Anchor devices

Production of anchor devices and fasteners for billboards, pylons and other building structures.

Protectors for crushers

Protectors for crushers

Wear-resistant steel protectors for crushers.

Paneling crushers from wear-resistant steels

Paneling crushers

Standard finishes crushers from wear-resistant steels. The company offers finishes sandwich base of structural steel and working part of endurance type HARDOX.

Bottoms for concrete mixers from wear-resistant steels

Bottoms for concrete mixers

Manufacturing of bottoms for concrete mixers from wear-resistant steels

Adapters for hammers, cutters and buckets

Adapters of hammers, cutters and buckets

Design and development of new adapters to hammers, cutters and buckets for a certain brand machines in order to fit existing.

Grates for vibrating sieve of wear resistant steels

Grates for vibrating sieve

Manufacturing of vibrating sieve and grates of wear resistant steel for all kinds of crushers and conveyors.